Mega Millions – What Would I Do?

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock PhotosWhen I walked into work this morning, our referral clerk called my name and asked if I wanted to buy a lottery ticket. The Mega Millions lottery had an estimated $640 million dollar jackpot and everyone else in the clinic had chipped in $3 to an office pool. I hesitated on principal as such lotteries are a losing bet. With the jackpot size and potential gain, it was not as big of a losing bet, at least, as usual.

She pointed out that if I didn’t participate, I might be the only one to show up for work on Monday. “You’d quit your job if you won?” I asked. “Well, I’d give my two week notice,” she replied. For the first time in my life, I handed over my hard earned money for a lottery ticket.

My definition of the ultimate in job satisfaction is whether one would keep one’s job after winning a large lottery. Steve Job, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and many others could have quit their jobs a long time ago, but did not do so because they enjoyed working.

I wouldn’t retire if I won the lottery because I enjoy practicing medicine. But I would change how I work. I would see less patients per day and spend more time with each one. I’d take more vacation, and pay someone to do the paperwork.

So if I win then I won’t have to write this blog anymore. Wait a minute, I’m not getting paid for this in any case.  So win or lose, I’ll keep writing.

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