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A Halloween Bladder Infection

A patient of mine came to my office today for a bladder infection. Besides treating her with an antibiotic, I offered to prescribe Pyridium (phenazopyridine), a pill that decreases the burning with urination. I always warn patients that it turns … Continue reading

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Matchmaker Matchmaker

Not uncommonly patients tell me about their loneliness. Sometimes it’s related to health issues. They don’t exercise going for a walk because they don’t have anyone to go with, or they don’t eat healthy food because they don’t like cooking … Continue reading

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Over-the-Counter Confusion

The FDA allows some medications to be sold over-the-counter (OTC), generally after patent expiration. Pharmaceutical companies need to prove they are safe to be taken that way. But as more medications become available, the opportunities for confusion increase. I’ve had … Continue reading

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