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Running Late – Sometimes it’s Helpful

Staying on time in my clinic is always a challenge. Typical follow-up appointments for my internal medicine group are 15 minutes, which is not a lot of time when dealing with patients with multiple complex problems. I also have to … Continue reading

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Cataracts and Hip Fractures

A recent study showed that cataract surgery helps prevent hip fractures. It looked at a sample of Medicare patients with cataracts who did or did not have cataract surgery.  Those who had cataract surgery had a 16% less change of … Continue reading

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Tort Reform and the Sanctity of the Jury

I serve on WAMPAC, a political action committee for the Washington State Medical Association (WSMA). To help guide our members, last month we met with candidates for Washington State governor Rob McKenna and Jay Inslee.  They were both generous with … Continue reading

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