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Mega Millions – What Would I Do?

When I walked into work this morning, our referral clerk called my name and asked if I wanted to buy a lottery ticket. The Mega Millions lottery had an estimated $640 million dollar jackpot and everyone else in the clinic … Continue reading

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Ask the Doc: Statins and Exercise

On this site I’m unable to answer patient specific questions, but as time permits, may answer questions of a general interest. Question: Submitted on 2012/03/16 at 2:30 pm Let me know what you think of this article. Strenuous exercise has … Continue reading

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Waiting Times and the Misery Index

Last month the Wall Street Journal ran an article, called the Wait-Time-Misery Index, about how frustrated people get waiting for deliveries or service repairs at home. Like when you need the cable company to come out and they say they … Continue reading

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Rush to Judgement

Conservative radio show host Rush Limbaugh recently launched an attack on Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke. She had testified to house Democrats in support of mandates to provide contraceptive care in insurance plans. On his show two days later, … Continue reading

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