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An Apple A Day

You’re familiar with the first part, or a variation of it, but did you know the rest of this Mother Goose nursery rhyme? An apple a day Sends the doctor away. Apple in the morning, Doctor’s warning. Roast apple at … Continue reading

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100-Year-Old Marathoner

According to the Wall Street Journal, on 10/16/11 Fauja Singh completed the Toronto marathon, finishing the 26.2 mile race in over 8 hours. I hope that will inspire my patients to exercise. I’ve started telling my octogenarians to start training … Continue reading

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How Primary Care Docs Became Assistant Shoe Salesmen

Nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists and naturopaths have gained the right to prescribe medications traditionally only done by a physician. But the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Bill requires that the physician managing the diabetic condition certify the need for footwear and … Continue reading

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Prior Authorization – License to Kill (our time)

A patient of mine informed me that her insurance didn’t want to cover a medication, and preferred a similar generic medication, which she previously tried but did not tolerate. She asked me to Call Humana’s  pharmacy review board. I usually … Continue reading

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